Welcome to the Reds' Empowerment Program

In lieu of recent events we have deemed it necessary to aid in educating and thus empowering our friends and customers. Firstly we do not agree with the use or abuse of narcotics (legal or illegal) and we focus in providing safe and drug-free parties. Secondly as hard working individuals and a government organisation we recognise the SAPS and the legislation of the country.

This said we would like to mention the following:

Everyone has rights as set out by the constitution. These rights include the right to privacy, safety and freedom. The constitution is the highest authority in the country and any violation of your rights is punishable. It is your responsibility as a citizen of the country to educate yourself of your rights. Do not allow people to abuse your lack of knowledge.

Although the legislation changes, there are definite procedures that must be followed when the SAPS act. If you are to be searched you must give your permission. Men must be searched by men, and women by women. For health purposes the police officer may wear gloves. The officer will present either a warrant or specific documentation clearly stating the purpose of their action. You are entitled to seeing this documentation and request a copy. For your protection make sure that someone else is present and that you have the names of the officers or people present. If any articles, such as a hand bag or medication, are taken from you a receipt must be issued to you so that you can claim back your property. You have to identify yourself to the officer and be willing to present your ID. If you are required to give a statement you may call legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected. Your lawyer should also be present when you are questioned.You do not have to answer any questions until your lawyer is present.

When being arrested the arresting officer must identify him or herself and clearly state the reason for your arrest. It is also the officer’s responsibility to inform you of your rights. You may not be arrested as a scare tactic or unjustly. In these cases the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) may be contacted and you may sue the Minister of Safety and Security for the unlawful arrest. If arrested you must be brought before the court within 48 hours.

The police may use a certain amount of force, but they may not use excess force when performing their duties. These actions may also be reported to the ICD.

If you are in a raid, ensure that there is a search warrant or documentation permitting the general search of all people. You may refuse to be searched if there is no warrant – keep your lawyer informed if you choose to follow this route. Your human rights must be considered in all things – privacy, security, human dignity and freedom of association.

Finally, we do not wish to oppose the SAPS in performing their duties, but cannot allow the violation of human rights to occur during the actions. Irregularities that occur during these raids will consequently be made public to educate people of their rights.

We add a number of links for you to follow to help you educate yourself of your rights and the procedures to follow if you had been wronged. Remember no one may intimidate or harass you, but they will of you allow them to:

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